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Formulation and Drug Product Development

At Nanopharm, we specialize in creating intranasal and inhaled drug product formulations. We refine formulations considering the requirements of the final drug product, including excipients, material compatibility, device, and human factors. This multidimensional approach to formulation and drug product development can help to accelerate new or repurposed OINDPs, minimizing the need for costly rework at later stages. Our goal is to synchronize drug, formulation, device and analytical studies taking a holistic approach to drug product development that brings your innovative OINDP pharmaceutical product to market faster.

Nanopharm OINDP Formulation & Drug Product Development Services

Nanopharm’s experienced scientists are dedicated to just one thing; Advancing OINDPs to market, by applying unparalleled experience, technology and services to every formulation and drug product development project. From new innovative drugs to generics and reformulation programs, Nanopharm has the specialized formulation and product development experience needed to accelerate the development of orally inhaled and nasal drug products.

Our experienced OINDP scientists develop formulations for use in nasal or inhaled drug delivery devices. Our formulations provide the stability and dosing required for each of our customers projects with a specific understanding of the nuances of your drug, designing the composition without overcomplicating it unnecessarily.

For OINDPs, the device plays as important a role as the formulation itself, so we evaluate them both in tandem. We design the complete drug product by combining  our knowledge each device’s capabilities with the formulation properties  we can achieve with each drug substance. Ultimately we design products that get your drug to the target site of action and enable it to do its job when it gets there.

OINDP Formulation Development Services

Nanopharm’s team of experienced OINDP formulation scientists bring specialist’s knowledge of both the drug and device to produce optimized formulations. With our strong scientific background, we can accelerate formulation development programs using specialized formulation platforms and processes that can best meet the needs of a defined target product profile. Through a structured screening and refinement process, Nanopharm formulators can define liquid or powder formulations that are manufacturable and scalable with the selected end use in mind. Our phase appropriate formulation programs consider numerous parameters for a range of formulation types. We can utilize particle engineering technologies from relatively simple micronized powder blends to advanced spray drying techniques for powder formulations after determining how to best fill difficult to handle powders into the selected nasal or inhaled drug delivery systems. Manual filling can often give a different aerosol performance when compared to using automated filling technologies such as dosators or drum fillers. We have experience developing nasal solution and suspension formulations for local, systemic and nose to brain applications using a variety of drug delivery systems. Our formulation development work even extends to providing sustainable OINDP formulations that incorporate the use the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) propellants for pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs).  Nanopharm scientists apply their specialized experience, technologies, and formulation expertise to arrive at robust drug products that work with their selected drug delivery device.

OINDP Product Development Services

OINDP Product Development Services

Nanopharm’s orally inhaled or nasal product development programs consider the complete product from the very start.  We take a multidimensional approach that studies the relationships between the drug delivery technology, API, formulation, and patient. All these aspects must come together to deliver a fully optimized product that meets the performance and quality requirements for complex drug-device combination OINDPs. Whether you are developing a dry powder nasal or inhalation product or a solution or suspension nasal spray or nebulizer produc we have the product deveooment capabilities.  We even develop pMDI products using newer lower global warming potential (GWP) propellants using our specialized capabilities, skillset and equipment. From traditional development and analytical techniques to specialized in-vitro analytical tools and proprietary in-silico models that can predict clinical outcomes, our product development scientists quickly characterize the vital parameters of each customer OINDP project. This includes a range of in-vitro and in-silico platforms that are unique to Nanopharm. Our nasal and inhaled product development  services also include assessing and selecting manufacturing processes such as industrially-representative powder filling or blending technologies that will ultimately affect the drug product performance and efficacy, not just the manufacturability of your process. We bring our dedication to OINDP development together with technology, knowledge, and experience to deliver complete nasal and inhaled drug product development programs to our customers.

Nanopharm OINDP Formulation Development Solutions

Let Nanopharm help to bring your nasal or inhaled drug product to the next stage of product development faster with less risk. Our decades of OINDP experience and focus on specialized formulation and drug product development services, Nanopharm is your ideal partner to advance your next nasal or inhaled drug development  project.