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Nasal Powders

There are numerous advantages to using a nasal powder drug delivery system. Nasal powder drug delivery can be a useful option for administering small molecules and biologics via the nasal cavity for local, systemic, or targeted delivery. Nasal powder products can provide enhanced product stability, high drug dosing and may be an ideal formulation solution for low solubility APIs.  Nanopharm’s nasal powder expertise comes from its long-standing dedication to the development of nasal drug-device combination products.

Nanopharm Nasal Powder Drug Delivery Expertise

Nanopharm’s nasal powder drug product development services incorporate technologies and expertise that can only come from a company focused on nasal powder development. We assess and characterize the critical product parameters required for nasal powder products paired with Aptar Pharma’s advanced nasal powder spray drug delivery systems.  Our scientists use a variety of techniques to control the particle size of the formulation as it can have a significant impact on drug stability, agglomeration, dissolution, permeation, aerosolization and excipient compatibility.  Nanopharm combines the scientific experience, specialized knowledge, and regulatory support to bring customer nasal powder drug products to market faster.

Nasal powders offer a drug delivery approach that is suitable for high dosage or low solubility APIs and can potentially improve product stability and the rate of absorption of the drug.

Nanopharm can use Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of nasal drug delivery systems to reliably deliver drug product via the nasal cavity. We can reformulate or reposition drug products into a stable and differentiated drug delivery option with Nanopharm’s regulatory support.

Nanopharm’s nasal powder development services include specialized spray drying, air jet micronization, wet nano-milling, high and low shear blending that provide particle size control for powdered nasal products.

Advantages of Nasal Powder

Nasal powders are becoming an increasingly popular option for local, systemic, and central nervous system (CNS) drug delivery because they provide a range of practical advantages.  A major advantage of nasal powder drug delivery is that it allows high drug loading and can deliver drugs with low aqueous solubility. Dry powder products can provide enhanced stability and greater bioavailability than many alternatives delivery methods. Nanopharm can help develop nasal powder products that are designed to directly target drug delivery via the nasal mucosa absorbing the drug through specific regions of the nasal cavity.  Nasal powder drug delivery systems are also being developed for a growing number of large molecule biologics because of its low-moisture environment and high drug loading properties.

Nasal Powder Systems

As an Aptar Pharma company, Nanopharm are experts in nasal drug delivery using Aptar Pharma’s broad range of nasal drug delivery systems. Reformulation and repositioning your product into a nasal powder format can provide market differentiation from competing products, unique life cycle management opportunities as well as increased stability properties.  Nanopharm also provides regulatory support for customer nasal powder drug-device combination filings, which can be particularly helpful as many health authorities do not currently have specified guidance for nasal powder products.

Specialized Services for Nasal Powder

The development of nasal powder products requires specialized capabilities and experience. Nanopharm has built the scientific and technical capabilities needed to help their customers advance their nasal powder products to market. Nanopharm uses a range of leading-edge particle engineering technologies including spray drying, air jet micronization, wet nano-milling, high and low shear blending, soft pellet agglomeration and sieving to help control particle size and improve the powder’s aerosolization and handling properties. This requires knowledge of how to choose the right excipients that are not only compatible with your drug, but also compatible with the manufacturing process itself. Nanopharm also offers a range of powder filling and assembly capabilities for nasal powders that include drum filling and dosators, that allow you to explore the impact of manual versus industrial filling on product performance. Nanopharm will fully characterize the critical properties that can impact nasal powder product performance including water content, porosity, density, surface area, crystallinity, and particle size distribution.  Our scientists also analyze the delivery of powder formulation to the target site of action as it is actuated from the powder delivery system so that the drug delivery is fully optimized.

Nanopharm’s Integrated Nasal Powder Development Services

Nanopharm is dedicated to advancing the nasal powder drug delivery science needed to bring new drug products to market for customers all located around the world. With specialized analytical and formulation expertise combined with exceptional regulatory support, Nanopharm is well positioned to help bring your next nasal powder product to the clinic and eventually the patients that need it.