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Inhaled Biologics

Biologic drugs delivered through the inhaled or intranasal routes can be more complex than many other delivery routes. Large molecules are complex and require specialized formulation approaches that support and maintain their highly complex structure throughout the life of the drug product. Even though some biologic molecules are water soluble, the challenge is still often found in maintaining the drug’s stability and activity at high enough concentrations to deliver sufficient drug in the limited volume available for nasal or pulmonary administration. Nanopharm specializes in the development of OINDPs and have the specialized knowledge to successfully formulate and develop biologics in a variety of drug delivery devices.

Nanopharm’s Inhaled Biologic Development Services

Biologics are becoming increasingly important products for pharmaceutical companies and represent a growing proportion of their new drug pipeline due to their specificity. Delivering a biologic through inhalation or intranasal drug delivery can help to further reduce the off-target effect profile of the drug with its direct delivery to the site of action, thereby avoiding the systemic effects that can occur with injectables. Large biologics may also be relatively impermeable, so reaching the airways through the bloodstream can prove very inefficient. Efficient drug delivery to the lungs or nasal cavity can be even more inefficient. There are numerous advantages to inhaled biologic treatments and Nanopharm has the expertise and experience to accelerate and derisk biologic OINDP development.

Nanopharm’s inhalation experts can formulate sensitive biologics such as antibodies, proteins, peptides and nucleic acids into inhaled drug delivery products that offer a non-invasive drug delivery route and also provide targeted drug delivery.

Our scientists understand the complexities of formulating sensitive biologics and can design inhaled drug products that remain stable and deliver the right dose to the targeted area.

Inhaled Biologic Applications

Inhaled biologics are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional injectable drugs.  Biologics have many applications, including treatments for rare diseases. Inhlaed administration of biologic drug products can provide many benefits to patients. From lower side effect profiles to non-invasive drug delivery methods, inhalation is a growing area of opportunity for biologic drugs. Nanopharm is a specialist in developing inhaled drug products, using a mix of proprietary technologies and unique testing apparatus. Our scientists are experts at characterizing, handling, and formulating even the most complex and sensitive biologic drugs while still maintaining their quaternary structures. Our goal is to formulate biologics that both retain their molecular structure and maintain product stability and activity – whether its designed as a powder or a liquid. Inhaled biologics are a strong option for the direct delivery of drugs to the lungs intended to treat a variety of respiratory conditions or via the nose for nasal CNS or anti-viral conditions.

Inhaled Biologic Formulations

Biologics come a variety of forms. From monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and other proteins, nucleic acid molecules like mRNA, to peptides and mini-proteins, biologics tend to be complex. Developing formulations that maintain both molecular structure and activity is key, particularly at relatively high concentrations where aggregation, gelling, precipitation or fragmentation may occur. The addition of the right excipients can help to maintain the biologic’s structure and enhance stability during storage and even after administration. Nanopharm’s scientists can select from approved inhalation excipients to regulate the physicochemical characteristics of the formulation. However, these excipients can also impact the aerosolization of the formulation as it is being administered through its inhalation device. We have  specialized tools to characterize the API, the formulation, and the impact of aerosolization by the device on delivering the right amount for biologic drug to the right target area. We believe that inhaled biologics have a bright future in delivering today’s complex molecules to patients with ease. Let Nanopharm accelerate and derisk your next inhaled biologic drug project.