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Nanopharm Inhalation Development Services

Drug products can be delivered by inhalation in a number of formats. Each bring their own advantages but in general inhaled drug products can provide drug delivery to the lungs for both local or systemic drug delivery applications. Nanopharm has the capabilities and technologies to rapidly develop Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs), Pressurized Metered-Dose Inhalers (pMDIs), Nebulizers or Soft Mist inhalers (SMIs) for a range of indications and drug types. All of these technologies hold in common a complex drug delivery route from device to lung that requires a specialized and in-depth understanding of inhalation in order to fully characterize the pathway and produce robust inhaled drug products.

Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) can offer enhanced stability and high dose loading capabilities but can be challenging to develop. Nanopharm’s specialized DPI development services include material characterization, process development, carrier selection, particle engineering, and aerodynamic performance testing.

Our pressurized metered-dose inhaler (pMDI) product development expertise can include a host of specialized testing and support that consider the device, formulation and breath profiles in order to result in optimized pMDIs. With access to Aptar Pharma’s widely used metering valves, Nanopharm brings years of expertise in pMDI development to customer projects.

Nanopharm offers leading edge product development services for soft mist inhalers (SMIs), and nebulisers, including vibrating mesh nebulizers. We offer specialized technical capabilities that are needed to advance your nebulizer or SMI to market with confidence.

Nanopharm’s specialized dry powder inhaler development expertise includes material characterization, process development, carrier selection, particle engineering, and aerodynamic performance testing which are crucial to developing robust DPI products. Nanopharm also has access to its parent company’s broad range of advanced dry powder inhaler technologies. Dry powder inhalers represent one of the most complex drug delivery technologies as they depend on particles travelling efficiently from the DPI to the targeted area of the lung. Nanopharm has the specialized scientific knowledge and unique testing services to rapidly develop robust dry powder inhalation products. Our specialized product development capabilities including blend process development, spray drying and particle engineering, device and aerosol testing (Aerosol Particle Size Distribution) / (Delivered Dose Uniformity). We work with  both compendial and realistic modeling methods that use breath simulators and anatomical throats plus our proprietary Dissohale dose collection system. Nanopharm believes in the importance of microstructural characterizations of drug/carrier interactions and agglomerations, as well as unique in-vitro and in-silico modeling tools which provide predictions of regional lung deposition and Pharmacokinetics (PK). Offering enhanced stability and high drug dosing capabilities, dry powder inhalers can be an ideal option for many of today’s respiratory drug products.

Nanopharm offers the specialized pressurized metered-dose inhaler (pMDI) product development expertise and scientific know-how needed to meet today’s regulatory requirements. Nanopharm scientists assess the critical material attributes (CMAs) of the formulation, the device, and the propellant to ensure the final product meets drug delivery performance requirements. Our breathing profile technology accounts for the variations in the breathing parameters of individual patients as well as the differences seen between specific disease populations, all without the need for clinical studies. Nanopharm’s pMDI development capabilities include aerosol testing, physicochemical characterization, API and propellant compatibility studies, and metering valve selection.  With advanced in-silico regional lung deposition tools and physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models, Nanopharm can produce optimized pMDI products and contribute data support to an alternative non-clinical pathway to comparative bioequivalence for generic pMDIs. Nanopharm can also help in the development of pMDIs  with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) propellants offering technical and regulatory assistance to our customers.

Whether it’s for newer soft mist inhalers (SMI), vibrating mesh nebulizers or other types of nebulizers, Nanopharm can fully characterize the droplet size of the mist, the dose delivery rate and aerodynamic particle size to ensure ideal nebulizer product performance. Supported with a range of in-vitro and in-silico modeling, Nanopharm can rapidly advance and derisk nebulizer or soft mist inhaler product development. With technical formulation capabilities including optimization of drug solubility or formulation stability, Nanopharm’s respiratory scientists are experts in creating optimized nebulizer products.