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Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays are an increasingly popular way of delivering liquid drug products. Liquid formulations delivered by nasal spray can offer a non-invasive, convenient, and targeted approach to delivering some of today’s most important molecules.  Ideal for local, targeted, or systemic applications, liquid nasal spray development requires specialist knowledge and capabilities that only a company dedicated to OINDPs can offer. Nanopharm is an innovator in nasal spray development services with the specialized analytical testing, formulation science and drug delivery system knowledge to bring optimized products to market.

Nanopharm Nasal Spray Drug Delivery Expertise

Nanopharm’s expertise in nasal spray development stems from its deep understanding of the delivery route and devices. Based on our specialized analytical, development, formulation capabilities and extensive knowledge of nasal drug delivery systems, Nanopharm’s nasal spray drug development programs are designed to produce reliable products that can meet design specifications and reliably deliver precise liquid dosing.

Liquid nasal spray formulations offer a non-invasive, portable, convenient, self-administered drug delivery option that typically provides rapid onset of action.

Our liquid nasal spray formulation services include assessment of a range of parameters that can impact spray patterns, drug deposition and product stability. 

Nanopharm scientists optimize liquid nasal spray formulations for enhanced bloodstream absorption for products with systemic applications.

Nanopharm has years of experience with Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of high-quality liquid nasal spray drug delivery systems resulting in streamlined product development.

Advantages of Nasal Sprays

Nanopharm is an innovator in the development of nasal spray drug delivery products. Nasal sprays represent a portable and convenient format for local, systemic, and central nervous system (CNS) targeted drug delivery.  Nanopharm can help develop nasal spray products, using a range of nasal spray technologies and devices.  Nasal spray products can potentially provide rapid onset of action which is a critical factor for many drug applications including those for emergency use.

Nasal Spray Formulation Services

At Nanopharm, we specialize in developing liquid nasal spray products that can reliably deliver precise drug doses to patients.  We assess liquid formulation parameters such as pH, buffer selection and drug stabilizing excipients to create stable formulations suitable for intranasal drug delivery. Nanopharm scientists are also experienced in reformulating marketed drugs into a nasal spray format.  Such reformulations can require changes in pH, viscosity or the addition of formulation modifiers to become a stable liquid formulation that can meet the desired intranasal drug delivery performance parameters. Nanopharm’s experienced formulators control rheological properties, such as viscosity, as they can directly impact spray characteristics like droplet size and spray pattern. These parameters can be optimized for the specific nasal spray device, defining broad or targeted coverage impacting drug deposition in target regions.  Nanopharm scientists use different excipients and mucoadhesives to control residence time, ensuring the drug is delivered to the target location in the nasal cavity and that it is resident long enough to be absorbed. With our specialized analytical tools and formulation approaches, we are ideally positioned to develop robust nasal spray drug products.

Systemic Nasal Spray Formulations

Increasingly, companies are developing nasal spray products for systemic applications. Not only do systemic products need to target a specific region of the nasal cavity, but they must also be able to pass through the nasal mucosa to enter the bloodstream. Our formulation experts use permeation enhancers or other excipients that can help the liquid nasal spray formulation to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Nasal Spray Devices

Nanopharm is dedicated to the development of OINDPs including nasal spray products. As an Aptar Pharma company, Nanopharm has experience and access to Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of high-quality nasal spray drug delivery systems. This means Nanopharm can identify the right system for each nasal spray product requirement, as well as perform product and formulation development that ideally matches the selected drug delivery system in order to create a fully optimized nasal spray product. Whether it’s a unidose, bidose or multidose liquid nasal spray system that is required, Aptar Pharma has a broad range of nasal spray pumps available to meet most requiremetns. All of this is supported with comprehensive regulatory support services and a demonstrated track record of success with numerous market references.

Nanopharm Integrated Nasal Spray Development Services

As OINDP specialists, Nanopharm is a CRO focused on liquid nasal spray development. With a firm understanding of nasal drug delivery, nasal spray devices and drug-device combination product regulations, Nanopharm is able to support the advancement of customer nasal spray development products.