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Your Specialist CRO For Nasal & Inhaled Drug Products

Nanopharm is focused on providing highly specialized OINDP development and analytical services that accelerate the development of your drug-device combination product to reach the market faster. With over 20 years of specialized experience developing some of the world’s most advanced nasal, inhaled, or inhaled biologic products, Nanopharm can provide the right support and services for virtually every stage of your drug product’s development. All our services are backed by world-class regulatory support and specialized scientific expertise.

Nanopharm's OINDP Development Services

Nanopharm provides cutting edge nasal, inhaled, or inhaled biologic drug development services for new modalities, innovator, generic and lifecycle management applications. With highly specialized OINDP product development and analytical services, complimented by our unique in-silico modeling platforms, Nanopharm is a well-established innovator in OINDP drug development and analytical services. Learn how Nanopharm can accelerate and derisk your inhaled or nasal drug product development program.

Nanopharm’s OINDP Expertise

Nanopharm applies its specialized expertise across a range of OINDP drug delivery formats and molecule types. Our specialty is developing nasal and inhaled drug delivery products for small molecules or biologics for a variety of drug delivery technologies suitable for innovator, generic or lifecycle management applications. Our scientists are dedicated to advancing customer OINDP products from early development to cGMP clinical stages, and ongoing analytical support through to commercialization and beyond.

Nanopharm SmartTrack ™

Nanopharm has developed a unique proprietary in-vitro in-silico modeling system that can demonstrate the comparative bioequivalence (BE) of inhaled generic drug products to reference listed products without conducting a comparative clinical endpoint (CCEP) study.

Round blue Nanopharm SmartTrack infographic showing 5 key parts of the in-silico in-vitro modelling platform at Nanopharm.
Female scientist with brown hair in lab coat prepares samples in long white plastic tubes for OINDP development at Nanopharm.

Nanopharm & Low GWP Propellant Inhalers

As the world moves forward with a growing focus on sustainability and protecting the environment, Nanopharm is committed to helping OINDP customers meet their sustainability objectives. Nanopharm is researching how to reformulate pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) that use lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) propellants. As a result, Nanopharm is helping customers advance a more sustainable next-generation of inhaled drug products while retaining the safety and efficacy of existing marketed products.

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