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Our OINDP Scientists

Nanopharm is a provider of orally inhaled and nasal drug product design and development services. Our expert OINDP scientists apply their most in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of analytical drug development services. We work as one team, fostering collective success to enhance our overall productivity with a goal of getting your product to market faster.

We also place an emphasis on continual education, encouraging our employees to always refine their skills and knowledge by participating in seminars, courses, and assignments to expand their knowledge stay at the forefront of OINDP science. Our nasal and inhalation scientists maintain deep and current knowledge of analytical and development services, focusing on accelerating and derisking our customer projects.

Our dedicated scientists are actively engaged in advancing the science of OINDPs, contributing to thought leadership by a variety of avenues including submitting and presenting research at conferences, delivering podium presentations and webinar presentations, as well as publishing in respected scientific journals.

For more insights on our scientists and their OINDP research, please visit our Resources and Events pages for the latest updates.