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Nanopharm to Present at a Number of OINDP Conferences this Autumn and Winter – See You There!

Nanopharm announces a number of opportunities to meet with the team at upcoming conferences and exhibitions

Event: 3rd Annual Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Delivery Conference
Date/Location: 8-9 September 2022, Berlin, Germany
Presenter: Dr Will Ganley
Title: From fundamental physical properties to aerosol performance of low global warming potential propellants

Event: RESCON Summit 2022
Date/Location: 6-7 October 2022, New York, USA
Presenter: Dr Irene Rossi
Title: Assessment of the performance of a high payload device in combination with different model formulations

Event: MVIC Symposium 2022
Date/Location: 12-13 October 2022, Lund, Sweden
Presenters: Dr Irene Rossi, Cristina Rey-Blanes, Antonia Zapata
Poster Title: Reformulation of pMDIs with low GWP propellants; how fundamental properties can guide transition
Poster Title: Assessment of the performance of the Orbital DPI device, deploying SmartTrackTM tools

Event: CPhI 2022
Date/Location: 1-3 November 2022, Frankfurt, Germany
Presenter: Gemma Budd
Title: Nasal delivery of biologics; a whole new ball game

Event: 6th Annual Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery
Date/Location: 10-11 November 2022, Prague, Czech Republic
Presenter: Dr Irene Rossi
Title: Delivery of High Powder Doses to the Lungs: Assessment of the Performance of Orbital™ Device employing SmartTrack™

Event: 9th Innovative Drug Delivery Solution Summit (IDDS·2022)
Date/Location: 23-24 November 2022, Suzhou, China
Presenter: Gemma Budd
Title: Demonstrating pharmacodynamic bioequivalence of orally inhaled drug product using in-vitro in-silico platforms

Event: Drug Delivery to the Lungs 2022 (DDL 2022)
Date/Location: 7-9 December 2022, Edinburgh, Scotland
Presenters: Jared Hall, Antonia Zapata, Dr William Ganley, Dr Goncalo Farias, Dr Irene Rossi, Cristina Rey Blanes, Lucas Silva
Poster Title: Application of SmartTrack™ tools to the investigation of aerosolization and physico-chemical properties of vilanterol dry powder inhalers (DPIs)
Poster Title: Assessment of the realistic performance of a high payload dry powder inhaler for the delivery of biomolecules to the respiratory tract
Poster Title: A Device to Add Connectivity to a pMDIs Without Impacting Aerosol Performance
Poster Title: Investigating the Impact of Device Positioning on the Nasal Regional Deposition
Poster Title: In vitro characterisation of a nasal spray comprising an extremely potent human monoclonal antibody
Poster Title: Direct particle size distribution measurement of an active ingredient suspended in pressurised metered dose inhalers and parameters, which influence migration rate
Poster Title: Formulation and characterisation of liposomes loaded with a model small nucleic acid for nasal delivery
Poster Title: The relevance of non-standardised in vitro nasal cast models in product development