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Nanopharm Ltd launches dissolution testing service for orally inhaled drug products utilising its proprietary UniDose™ technology

NEWPORT, UK, 27th April, 2016 — Nanopharm Ltd, a leading provider of tailored analytical and product development for orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs), today announced the availability of dissolution testing services utilising the company’s proprietary UniDose™ aerosol collection apparatus.

The UniDose™ system, which uniformly deposits the entire in vitro lung dose directly onto a high surface area filter under laminar flow and low impaction velocity, overcomes the limitations associated with current aerosol collection methods and allows for dissolution testing independent of the collected dose. The drug-loaded filters can be subsequently used for dissolution studies with a standardised, compendial dissolution test apparatus such as USP V paddle-over-disk.

Dr. Jag Shur, Managing Director of Nanopharm, commented, “For the first time, we have a reliable means of measuring the dissolution behaviour of inhaled products. This ability has numerous applications in formulation development and optimization, as well as quality control for orally inhaled drug products (OIDPs). It is now possible to investigate the impact of raw material critical material attributes and formulation processing on dissolution, and we are continuing to evaluate the use of in vitro dissolution testing to understand in vivo behaviour.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a rugged, reliable approach that provides excellent discriminatory capability for characterising the dissolution of orally inhaled drug products,” said Prof. Rob Price, co-Founder and Director of Nanopharm. “Dissolution testing is increasingly recognized as an important tool for optimization of OIDP formulations and for its potential to enhance the understanding of the fate of an inhaled dose.”

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Nanopharm is a leading provider of tailored analytical and product development of orally inhaled and nasal drug products. The company’s unique processing technologies and formulation development tools enable seamless translation of pre-clinical development through to clinical manufacture of OINDPs. Nanopharm’s integrated development services in materials characterisation, formulation development and inhaled biopharmaceutics aids successful product development of OINDPs by understanding how material properties and processing conditions influence product functionality. For more information, visit