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Nanopharm Announce attendance at RDD Conference 2022

Nanopharm is pleased to announce its attendance at RDD Conference 2022.

On 1-5 May, Nanopharm will be delivering in-depth presentations and discussions on the pioneering science driving pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.

We will be presenting four specific publication posters written by the Nanopharm team. Vice-President, Science & Technology and Co-Founder Dr Jag Shur and Head of Computational Pharmaceutics, William Ganley, will also be making their way to the stage as they are set to deliver several podium presentations.

We look forward to meeting all delegates attending. To read the full details on our poster and podium presentations and to find out more about the Nanopharm team in attendance at the conference, please continue reading.


Join the Nanopharm Team at RDD 2022


Dr Jag Shur





Dr Jag Shur

Dr Jag Shur is the Vice-President, Science & Technology and Co-Founder at Nanopharm.

Dr Jag Shur is an internationally recognised expert in aerosol science and OINDPs. Holding a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, he completed his PhD entitled “Formulated Muco-Regulatory Agents in the Airways of Patients with Cystic Fibrosis” at Portsmouth School of Pharmacy. Dr Jag Shur is also a post-doctoral fellow at the UCL School of Pharmacy, having investigated the fabrication of microparticles for vaccine delivery using supercritical fluid technology. Jag is a Co-Founder of Nanopharm and has pioneered novel approaches to demonstrating in vitro bioequivalence using proprietary, clinically relevant methods and models (SmartTrack).

William Ganley







William Ganley

William Ganley is the Head of Computational Pharmaceutics at Nanopharm.

William holds an MChem from the University in Southampton and a PhD from the University of Bristol.

In 2019, Will joined Nanopharm to lead the Computational Pharmaceutics group where he continues to develop in silico models and solutions to enable better predictive capability and IVIVC to support product development, and clinical and regulatory projects.

Will has presented his work at multiple international conferences. He has published several peer-reviewed research articles and has been awarded both the Faculty of Science Prize for the Physical Sciences and the Best Doctoral Research Thesis Prize.

Irene Rossi






Irene Rossi

Irene Rossi is the Head of New Modalities in Pharmaceutical Development at Nanopharm.

Irene obtained an MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in 2014 and a PhD in Drugs, Biomolecules and Health Products at the University of Parma in 2019. Her main research area is the development of products for nasal and inhalation delivery containing small or large molecules.

To date, Irene has submitted and published six original papers and she has presented her work at more than 20 international conferences. She has also submitted a patent application on the development of dry powder for pulmonary vaccination.

RDD Podium Presentations

“A Critical Assessment of the Application of Advanced Data Analytics in Inhaled and Nasal Product Development” presented by William Ganley.

This presentation discusses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) methods in the development of OINDPs: how they compare to methods such as statistics and mechanistic modelling, their potential for improving the pharmaceutical development process and the challenges associated with applying them. William will also provide a real-life case study of an application using AI/ML methods to expedite the development of a nasal drug product, modelling the relationship between API Morphology and Dissolution Kinetics in a Nasal Spray.

Part of the “Regulatory, Science & Technology Innovation” knowledge space (Co-organized with IPAC-RS).

“The Formulator’s Guide to Transitioning to Low Global Warming Potential pMDIs” presented by Dr Jag Shur.

This presentation will provide examples of the fundamental research that Nanopharm has been doing into new propellants, their interactions with different APIs and excipients as compared to traditional HFA propellants, and how this knowledge is essential to reformulating pMDIs.


RDD Poster Presentations

“Assessment of the Discriminatory Ability of SmartTrack® In Vitro Release Testing on Vilanterol Formulated in Dry Powder Inhalers” – Jared Hall and Irene Rossi.

“Screening of the Properties of Nasal Sprays Comprising Different Mucoadhesive Polymers Through a Design of Experiment Approach” – Cristina Rey Blanes and Irene Rossi.

“Optimizing the Osmolality of Intranasal Formulations Using a Predictive Statistical Model” – Luca Serratore.