Leadership Team

Our leaders are skilled, equipped and driven to ensure your projects are delivered. Our strategy is to nurture and develop our employees so they can develop their deeply-understood specialisms, which our leaders can then manage and direct so you that your programs are well supported, delivered on time and achieve your stated goals.

    • sarah-brooks

      Sarah Brooks

      Human Resources Manager

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      Gemma Budd

      Director of Business Development

    • david-farrow

      David Farrow

      Chief Operations Officer

    • william-ganley

      William Ganley

      Head of Computational Pharmaceutics

    • tyler-jones

      Tyler Jones

      Head of Quality & Operations Coordination

    • sara-pinto

      Sara Pinto

      Business Development Manager

    • irene-rossi

      Irene Rossi

      Head of New Modalities Pharmaceutical Development

    • luca-serratore

      Luca Serratore

      Head of Generics & Life Cycle Management

    • lucas-silva

      Lucas Silva

      Head of Analytical Development

    • jenna-szarun

      Jenna Szarun

      Head of Project Management